ridley pearson

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Hint at a Future Book

Here's a hint
at the topic of a book I'm working on.
Happy clicking....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Drive

Returning from holiday in Idaho, (we drive because of our dog, Cairo) our family set out in our 4 wheel drive for Denver, believing they just might get I-70 reopened. Since we normally take I-80 we kept our eye on Wyoming (closed the day before) and with it reopening, went the northern route. We knew we couldn't drop down to Denver from Cheyene, our usual route, so we stayed with the trucks on 80 and headed east, reaching North Platte for dinner and a much needed overnight. We awoke to 1" of frozen rain on I-80 and drove the next 120 miles in a little over 7 hours. Crazy roads. We bailed, and headed south to Salina, KS, driving over what behaved like broken concrete for the next 3 hours. Reaching a rainy I-70 was heaven! 7 more hours and we were home in St. Louis. What a trip!

The only thing that saved us was a Christmas gift to ourselves of Sirius radio. Phenomenal entertainment experience. As Marcelle, Paige and I listed to Eragon on my i-Pod, our youngest bopped to Disney Radio for nearly 6 hours of the drive. Then I caught the Rams live in the last game of the season.

We're home safe and sound, but I'm two thumbs up on Sirius. If you haven't tried satellite radio... wow... there's a BIG difference.


PS: just finished Devil in the White City. What a read! I have Jeff Parker's next on my reading table: Storm Runners. Jeff is one of the best out there. RP